Team Associated RC10 B6 Option Parts

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175RC Type A Shorty LiPo Weight (18g)

175-10011 (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD)

Aura Full Bearing Kit | B6

AV-AFK-B6 (Out of Stock)
$117.99 (CAD)

Aura Gearbox Bearing Kit | B6

AV-AGK-B6 (In Stock)
$49.99 (CAD)

JConcepts Aluminum B6/B6D "Finnisher" Wing Buttons (Black) (2)

JCO2579-2 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD)

JConcepts B6/B6D Fin Long Titanium Shock Standoffs w/Bushing

JCO2600T (Out of Stock)
$24.99 (CAD)

JConcepts B6/B6D Fin Short Titanium Shock Standoffs w/Bushing

JCO2599T (Out of Stock)
$24.99 (CAD)

JConcepts Fin Aluminum 12mm Shock Collar (Black) (2)

JCO2491-2 (Out of Stock)
$9.99 (CAD)

JConcepts Fin Aluminum VCS Shock Bottom Cap (Black) (2)

JCO2492-2 (In Stock)
$9.99 (CAD)

Lunsford Tuner Special Associated B6/B6D Titanium Turnbuckle Kit (8)

LNS2007 (Out of Stock)
$47.99 (CAD)

Pro-Line Trifecta Pre-Cut 1/10 Buggy Wing

PRO6250-17 (In Stock)
$15.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC 3x38mm Titanium Turnbuckle (2)

PTK-T-7204 (In Stock)
$18.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC Aluminum Team Associated 1/10 Clamping Servo Horn (Black) (25T)

PTK-7822-BK (Out of Stock)
$24.99 (CAD)

Team Associated B6 Factory Team Aluminum Steering Bellcrank

ASC91668 (Out of Stock)
$20.64 (CAD)

Team Associated B6 Rear Arms (Hard)

ASC91696 (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

Team Associated B6 Steel Chassis Weight (36g)

ASC91748 (Out of Stock)
$20.64 (CAD)

Team Associated B6/B6D Side Rails (Hard)

ASC91653 (Out of Stock)
$13.49 (CAD)

Team Associated Factory Team Vented "V2" Slipper Hub Set

ASC7495 (Out of Stock)
$24.08 (CAD)

Team Associated Heavy Duty CVA Axle (2)

ASC71019 (In Stock)
$20.64 (CAD)

Team Associated LCF Slipper Pads (2)

ASC91197 (Out of Stock)
$18.99 (CAD)